PPO Insurance

We accept most of the PPO health plan. Because California acupuncturists are considered primary care physicians, you do NOT need a referral from your MD in order to start treatments!  Please provide your full name, Date of birth and PPO ID number, we will verifiy for you for free before you start your treatment.

Authorization to Pay

If our office accepts your insurance assignment, you will be required to sign an ‘Authorization to Pay’ form and any other assignment or lien forms required by your insurance company on your first visit. We will not enter into a dispute with your insurance company over your claim. THIS IS SOLELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND OBLIGATION.

Need help file your claim

As a courtesy, we will accept your insurance assignment as soon as we verified your coverage. We will file your claim for you. All payments received from your insurance carrier will be credited to your account in a timely manner. If there is an over payment, you will know by your EOB and we will send you a refund if your account is paid in full.

Automobile Insurance

We also accept automobile insurance medical coverage (Med Pay). Med Pay pays 100% of necessary medical care for injuries sustained in automobile accidents, regardless of fault. Call your carrier to see if this benefit is included in your policy, or let us check for you.    :